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By Dean Johnson

5 9 months ago

Production manager.

Kim and Jay are great to work with. I gained tremendous confidece in my leadership skills. I learned to use my experience to build a team of sucessfull employees. I would recommend this coarse to all. I would like to thank Kim and Jay for for an amazing experience.
By Brian Sobharam

5 9 months ago
I have just completed the Influential Leader course . This course is very useful for me as i have just been moved to a bigger leadership role in my company . I have gained new skills that i now use through out my day. Becoming a great leader is one of my goals and this course has put me one step closer to success. Jay did a amazing job helping me understand the importance of becoming an influential leader.
By Paul Laforet

5 10 months ago
Jay and Kim are fantastic to work with. The course was extremely helpful to contextualize my strengths and become self-aware of my abilities and how I can use them to make a difference in a leadership role. They do a great job of breaking down complex concepts into digestible information that I have been able to use in a practical way in my career. I would strongly recommend working with them to improve your leadership abilities in a tangible way.

5 10 months ago

Construction Department Manager

The whole experience was very beneficial. From day one, Jay and Kim were great with dealing with my busy schedule. At first I did not take it seriously. Just thought that it was just another behavioral assessment. I was wrong! The content discussed and how it applied to me and my colleagues was insightful. They provided the visual aids weekly along with follow up notes that kept what we discussed fresh from week to week. As the weeks went on, I looked forward to my meetings. As the weeks went on I learnt how my emotions and strengths help me deal with certain situations. It taught me to take a step back, relax, ponder and then execute. The results have been tangible. I have grown as a leader and thank Jay and Kim.
By Vanessa Molina

5 10 months ago

Thank you, great coaches

Would like to start off by saying Thank you. When I was sent the first questionnaire and commenced to respond to the questions I asked myself "what does this have to do with leadership", after my first meeting all the questions made complete sense. I decided to give the process a chance, decided not to question anything my coaches asked of me, took the process with a great deal of respect, responsibility, commitment, and most importantly trusted my coaches. As each week passed i looked forward on my meetings with Jay and Kim, they were the ones that made me understand situations and emotions I was experiencing during the week. Jay and Kim as I mentioned to you both before you made me grow as a leader and most importantly as a person. Once again Thank you.
By Ed Duffy

5 Aug 28, 2019

Store Leader

LDC was a great course! overall the course brings to light many characteristics about yourself. For me the course gave me knowledge about my strengths and how to lead by using my strengths as a tool. The course also made me aware of my needs and how to communicate them with current and new team members. I greatly appreciate the knowledge gained throughout the course while at the same time making new friends!
By Dan Neveu

5 Aug 27, 2019

Administrative Leader

I can't say enough good about this program! Jay and Kim were an absolute pleasure to work with. They made me feel very comfortable and have given me skills that I will be using for the rest of my life. I really can't thank them enough for helping me become a much better version of myself and in turn, I hope to use my new found knowledge to help those around me as well. To say I highly recommend this program, and working with both Jay and Kim, is a vast understatement. If you want to become a better leader and a better person all around, this program is for you! Thank you again Jay and Kim, it was an amazing experience!
By Melissa Saunders

5 Aug 22, 2019

Office Manager/CSR Supervisor

I found this course to exceptional in value. I have learned so much about myself! The schedule was perfect and did not interrupt my day to day work. I learned an incredible amount of ideas and new approaches on how to effectively lead my team. Jay Perry was an excellent coach and it was a pleasure to work with him and learn many different techniques and practices that do not only help in the workplace but in my family life as well!
By Michelle Carreiro

5 Jun 4, 2019

Compliance Supervisor

I just recently completed my 6 month Leadership and Development Course with Jay & Kim Perry. What a wonderful experience that was and a great pleasure working with the 2 of them. I learned so much from them about the different leadership styles & characteristics and also about myself and how I want to be portrayed in my leadership role. Never once did I feel uncomfortable talking with them or asking them questions I wanted/needed guidance with. I have continued to use the course material in every day business to help ensure the company stays compliant and exceeds the expectations of the industry.
By Brian Sobharam

5 Jun 3, 2019
Great and informative Leadership course. This course helped me build further skills to help me advance in my company . The scheduled time for the course was perfect to fit my busy schedule. Jay Perry did an amazing job and i would recommend this course to every one.