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By Jon Forte

5 9 months ago

Leadership course

Excellent course with Jay!!I I learned alot about being a successful leader. Jay was influential in my growth and development. I learned to motivate and empower others and the tools to respond to challenges. I am more reflective of my actions and understand how to be motivating and responsive to the business needs. Highly Recommended Jon
By Brent Looby

5 10 months ago

Influential Leader

This course has had a great impact on how I personally interact with my team members. Being aware of different personality types and what an individual needs to preform at there best has been a game changer. The biggest take away for me has been self awareness of how I operate and how the manner of which I do so impacts the people around me both positively and negatively. Having that knowledge has allowed me to be more open and change into a more servant leader. Jay, as always you have been an incredible coach and guide though this process and I truly appreciate your guidance and support. As Jack Nicolas says "you make me want to be a better man" and this course has allowed me to strive towards that both personally and professionally. Cheers, Brent.
By Jackie Lamb

5 12 months ago

5 stars are not enough!

I would highly recommend Ally Business Coaching to everyone! With so many unknowns due to Covid, Jay and Kim were so kind and flexible with scheduling. Every week I looked forward to attending and I did not dread any of the homework! I looked forward to each week wondering what the next class would be like. 26 weeks flew by. Each session I learned something new and the knowledge you received you can certainly take back to your teammates, no matter what kind of business you are in.
By Lisa Murphy

5 Sep 27, 2021

Amazing leadership coaching

I took a leadership course with Ally Business Coaching and it was awesome! I learned a whole lot about myself and my leadership style. I also learned better ways of leading people. I would highly recommend using Ally Business Coaching! Jay and Kim are very effective coaches, very willing to help you at anytime. I am looking forward to taking the next leadership course with Jay and Kim! Definite 5 out of 5 stars!
By Reeta Yang

5 Jul 29, 2021

Mining the gold that is already yours.

Great help from Jay and Kim. Deeply appreciated their effort for the past 26 weeks. Not only they helped identifying my strength and weakness in leadership, but also provide a new way to look at it. Mining the gold that’s already yours. Jay and Kim helped me found the major interests with the Birkman’s Signature Reports, which is like the gold that’s already in me. The motivation and inspiration in life. Applying that, especially in stress time, you will find yourself more confident and optimistic in what’s coming. And what doesn’t kill you will make you even stronger. Not just to leadership, but also to our daily life. Thank you again. Great education. Recommend everyone to take and enjoy!

5 May 18, 2021

Concierge Department Manager

This program taught me so much about myself and how to get the best out of myself and get the best out of others that I work with. The key thing I got out of the program is the importance of awareness in what we think and what we say. Now having completed the program I feel empowered with the knowledge I have. It has built my confidence as a leader and it has given me a true idea of how I want to lead and what leadership means to me. I enjoyed meeting with Kim and Jay weekly, they provided a lot of tools and information and asked for ideas and opinions in a non-judgmental forum. Meeting over the 26 weeks gave me time to go from learning, to absorbing the information and now to feeling confident on how to use what I have learned and build on it! It is a very valuable program that I would highly recommend!
By Brandon Di Luca

5 Apr 9, 2021

Manager - CSN Avenue Collision

I have never experienced anything quite like Ally Business Coaching's Leadership Development Course. This course showed me how to identify my interests, build on my strengths, and understand my stresses in a way that helped me become a better leader. LDC also helped me understand what motivates my co-workers, which has been tremendously valuable to me as a leader. Ally's coaching style suited my needs. I looked forward to my weekly sessions and felt engaged with the material. They were flexible and patient, always making sure I understood the material before moving on to the next subject. The LDC gave me the tools I need to become the leader I aspire to be, and I highly recommend it.
By Paul Laforet

5 Mar 26, 2021

Influential Leader Course

I recently finished the Influential Leader course with Jay and Kim. I found this course to be extremely helpful in my development as a leader. The course provides excellent tools to identify the personality traits of your employees so that you can become flexible in your leadership style to adapt to the needs of your staff. I really enjoyed the practicality of this course, as I was able to easily apply what I learned each week. Jay and Kim do an excellent job of walking you through each piece of the material each week and tying it all together. If you've taken their Leadership Development Course, you will find it's a great foundation for the ILC course, but the ILC is where you really develop the tools to be the great leader.
By Steven Singh

5 Mar 22, 2021

Insightful Leadership

I enjoyed doing the leadership development course with Ally Business coach. It brought great insight on myself as well as being part of a large organization. And why position in the company mattered. Also it did engage me to develop and open up the opportunity to grow as a leader in areas I did not think were possible when it came to other areas of people. The schedule was flexible and worked well with my daily work schedule. The flow of the topics were well done and how things connected later on in the course was very intriguing to me. I made connections along the way that I feel are important in being a good leader in my role. My take away is that all these items did make things helpful and make it easy to use in real life situations.
By Calvin Weimer

5 Feb 22, 2021


Hard to believe 26 weeks already went by but this course has been nothing short of amazing for me. I really believe it is because of the work I put into it and fully immersing myself in the exercises and homework each week. My weekly meetings with Jay became a focal point of my week, motivating me and uplifting me as the course progressed. I gained a ton of confidence from this leadership course. I realized some of what I thought were flaws about myself were actually strengths that needed to be exploited and my leadership style is unique and authentic to me. I reflect back on lessons from the course often and would recommend this to anyone who is looking to better themselves as an individual. Jay and Kim are great mentors and inspiring people. Thank you guys for making me recognizes my strengths and using them to my fullest potential!