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By Ed Duffy

5 8 months ago

Store Leader

LDC was a great course! overall the course brings to light many characteristics about yourself. For me the course gave me knowledge about my strengths and how to lead by using my strengths as a tool. The course also made me aware of my needs and how to communicate them with current and new team members. I greatly appreciate the knowledge gained throughout the course while at the same time making new friends!
By Dan Neveu

5 8 months ago

Administrative Leader

I can't say enough good about this program! Jay and Kim were an absolute pleasure to work with. They made me feel very comfortable and have given me skills that I will be using for the rest of my life. I really can't thank them enough for helping me become a much better version of myself and in turn, I hope to use my new found knowledge to help those around me as well. To say I highly recommend this program, and working with both Jay and Kim, is a vast understatement. If you want to become a better leader and a better person all around, this program is for you! Thank you again Jay and Kim, it was an amazing experience!
By Melissa Saunders

5 8 months ago

Office Manager/CSR Supervisor

I found this course to exceptional in value. I have learned so much about myself! The schedule was perfect and did not interrupt my day to day work. I learned an incredible amount of ideas and new approaches on how to effectively lead my team. Jay Perry was an excellent coach and it was a pleasure to work with him and learn many different techniques and practices that do not only help in the workplace but in my family life as well!
By Michelle Carreiro

5 10 months ago

Compliance Supervisor

I just recently completed my 6 month Leadership and Development Course with Jay & Kim Perry. What a wonderful experience that was and a great pleasure working with the 2 of them. I learned so much from them about the different leadership styles & characteristics and also about myself and how I want to be portrayed in my leadership role. Never once did I feel uncomfortable talking with them or asking them questions I wanted/needed guidance with. I have continued to use the course material in every day business to help ensure the company stays compliant and exceeds the expectations of the industry.
By Brian Sobharam

5 10 months ago
Great and informative Leadership course. This course helped me build further skills to help me advance in my company . The scheduled time for the course was perfect to fit my busy schedule. Jay Perry did an amazing job and i would recommend this course to every one.
By Giulian D'Alessandro

5 Dec 24, 2018
Very well-done, detailed leadership course. Extremely personalized and really helps define yourself as a leader as well as provide applicable skills for real life situations. Would recommend to all.
By Michael Giarrizzo Jr.

5 Jul 13, 2018

President of DCR Systems

I would highly recommend Ally Business Coaching to anyone that wants to further develop their leadership skills and that of their team. Jay and Kim do a great job of helping you recognize and build on your strengths. They do an incredible job of facilitating the course and helping you realize the leader that you want to be. I can feel my own growth and progress as leader as well as the growth of our entire leadership team. It is amazing how powerful the nurturing of people skills can be. That nurturing is helping our tremendous leaders to become even better ones. The course has opened the door for more opportunity for all of them thus creating opportunity for our entire company. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we are building another competitive advantage. Thank you Ally Business Coaching.
By Matt Hayes

5 Jul 6, 2018

Bettering Your Best

Jay helped me to identify and appreciate my innate core strengths and work to play to those strengths instead of focusing on trying to improve my weaker qualities. The coursework, coupled with Jays ability to challenge my perceptions, has helped me develop a more refined and connected view of who I am and how to best interact with others to get the best from each situation. This has been invaluable not only in my professional life but also at home with my wife and kids.
By Cheryl Boswell

5 Jul 6, 2018

One-On-One Coaching

I have always enjoyed taking assessments and analyzing the results, however, this program took it to a whole new level. Once a week over a 6 month period, I worked directly with a coach who gave me weekly assignments to apply different techniques. The focus was always about applying my strengths – not focusing on my weaknesses. The real life application made all the difference. I am also pleased with how the course improved the understanding amongst our leadership team and opened up conversations about each of our styles and why we act and communicate the way we do. Thank you for leading our company in the right direction!
By Tim Srigley

5 Jul 6, 2018

Senior Business & Marketing Consultant

Having the benefit of a long career on the "client" side building business and on the "agency" side building brands and global market share, I have been involved in countless programs designed to elevate individual and team performance. The Leadership Development Program from Ally Business Coaching is simply one of the best I have ever experienced. What sets it apart is the breadth of practical knowledge to elevate leadership skills and the easily manageable program cadence. The 26-week format allows the participate to truly internalize, apply and create new lasting habits which build capabilities and confidence. The team at Ally are exceedingly gifted at engaging you and validating your comprehension. Beyond the regular sessions, your coach is available for follow-up and problem-solving should the need arise. I would (and have) recommended this program to colleagues and business associates who are looking to add to their own toolbox, as well as grow the next level of leaders in their organization. The insights and skills gained are well worth the investment.