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By Chris Benavides

5 3 days ago

Insightful, Challenging, Growth, Transformation

This program was very helpful in reaffirming insight I have had about myself and developing an awareness of the environment; I need for creating success in my professional and personal lives. Through the exercises you are challenged to become more aware of your thoughts ,reactions, and bias. This awareness pushes you to seek a growth path as an individual and a leader. If you truly commit to working this program you will finish with a desire to transform how you manage your professional relationships, your corporate culture, and yourself. You will never regret investing in yourself and you will be better equipped to succeed with the information in this course. Commit to this challenge and you will be better for it.
By Mike Mario

5 8 days ago

Continuous Improvement

The team at Regina Auto Body (RAB) are all about the continuous improvement within our facility to streamline our processes and get a little bit better every day. The skills we recognized that could use improvement were our leadership skills and that's where Ally Business Coaching came in. With a leadership change at RAB (2 brothers retiring) I thought this would be an excellent course for our new leadership. Then Jay suggested that I should take the course and that was the best advise I have received in a long time. The LDC showed me what kind of leader I am, but most of all it showed me the type of leader I could be. The timing of our course through the COVID 19 period was actually the best timing to learn essential leadership skills which this course provided. There were zero seconds of the 26 Zoom Meetings that were wasted. Thank you Coach Jay and we look forward to immersing other leaders at RAB in the course.
By Farah Isahack

5 13 days ago

Amazing leadership program that exceeded expectations.

Jay & Kim Perry, thank you. It has been a great journey working with the both of you through this program to better myself as a leader. The content provided exceeded my expectations for what I pictured the course to be like, and has allowed me to put true value into actions. What stood out the most for me was the clear and concise way the program flowed. The conversations were thought provoking and fun to learn through the assignments and challenges presented. All the best. Farah Isahack

5 5 months ago


Thank you for the opportunity to become a better leader. The coarse was very helpful and the instructors were great.
By David Giarrizzo

5 5 months ago

Life Changing

Hard to believe 26 weeks already went by but this course has been nothing short of amazing for me. I really believe it is because of the work I put into it and fully immersing myself in the exercises and homework each week. My weekly meetings on Tuesday morning became a focal point of my week, motivating me and uplifting me as the course progressed. I gained a ton of confidence from this leadership course. I realized some of what I thought were flaws about myself were actually strengths that needed to be exploited and my leadership style is unique and authentic to me. I reflect back on lessons from the course often and would recommend this to anyone who is looking to better themselves as an individual. Jay and Kim are great mentors and inspiring people. Thank you for all you did for me!
By Dean Johnson

5 5 months ago

Production manager.

Kim and Jay are great to work with. I gained tremendous confidece in my leadership skills. I learned to use my experience to build a team of sucessfull employees. I would recommend this coarse to all. I would like to thank Kim and Jay for for an amazing experience.
By Brian Sobharam

5 5 months ago
I have just completed the Influential Leader course . This course is very useful for me as i have just been moved to a bigger leadership role in my company . I have gained new skills that i now use through out my day. Becoming a great leader is one of my goals and this course has put me one step closer to success. Jay did a amazing job helping me understand the importance of becoming an influential leader.
By Paul Laforet

5 6 months ago
Jay and Kim are fantastic to work with. The course was extremely helpful to contextualize my strengths and become self-aware of my abilities and how I can use them to make a difference in a leadership role. They do a great job of breaking down complex concepts into digestible information that I have been able to use in a practical way in my career. I would strongly recommend working with them to improve your leadership abilities in a tangible way.

5 6 months ago

Construction Department Manager

The whole experience was very beneficial. From day one, Jay and Kim were great with dealing with my busy schedule. At first I did not take it seriously. Just thought that it was just another behavioral assessment. I was wrong! The content discussed and how it applied to me and my colleagues was insightful. They provided the visual aids weekly along with follow up notes that kept what we discussed fresh from week to week. As the weeks went on, I looked forward to my meetings. As the weeks went on I learnt how my emotions and strengths help me deal with certain situations. It taught me to take a step back, relax, ponder and then execute. The results have been tangible. I have grown as a leader and thank Jay and Kim.
By Vanessa Molina

5 6 months ago

Thank you, great coaches

Would like to start off by saying Thank you. When I was sent the first questionnaire and commenced to respond to the questions I asked myself "what does this have to do with leadership", after my first meeting all the questions made complete sense. I decided to give the process a chance, decided not to question anything my coaches asked of me, took the process with a great deal of respect, responsibility, commitment, and most importantly trusted my coaches. As each week passed i looked forward on my meetings with Jay and Kim, they were the ones that made me understand situations and emotions I was experiencing during the week. Jay and Kim as I mentioned to you both before you made me grow as a leader and most importantly as a person. Once again Thank you.